Site Location and History

The former Conway Bombing and Gunnery Range (BGR) is located in Horry County, South Carolina, in the vicinity of Myrtle Beach. Prior to 1940, the former Conway BGR was privately owned and used for timber harvesting and farming.  In 1941, the 112th Observation Squadron established the former Conway BGR to support operations at the Myrtle Beach General BGR, which in 1943, was renamed the Myrtle Beach Army Air Field. Live fire training was conducted at the site, including aerial bombing and direct-fire training using rockets, small arms, and small artillery. From 1942 through 1947, several Army Air Fields and Army Air Bases utilized the former Conway BGR for training missions using various types of airplanes and practice ordnances. Heavy use of the site continued until early 1946 when the Myrtle Beach Army Air Field was converted from wartime to peacetime training. On February 4, 1948, the former Conway BGR was declared surplus by the U.S. Government.  Following Government use, areas of the site were developed into recreational, commercial, and residential areas, with plans for future development. As part of the FUDS Program, a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study is being conducted at the former Conway BGR to address the following four munitions response sites (MRS):
MRS-R01, Range II:
Acreage: 649 acres
History:  Practice bombing, including high- and medium-altitude bombing, skip bombing, parafrag bombing, and rocket firing.
MRS-R02, Range III:
Acreage: 1,961 acres
History:  High- and medium-altitude bombing, skip bombing, and rocket firing including demolition bombing, dive bombing, strafing, rocket firing, and incendiary bombing.
MRS-R03, Range IV:
Acreage: 886 acres
History: Practice bombing, including medium-altitude bombing.
MRS-R09, Machine Gun/Rifle Range:
Acreage: 2,503 acres
History: Range was reported as being used exclusively for small arms training activities, such as basic rifle marksmanship training.